65 E. Northfield RD. Suite L

Livingston NJ 07039

Phone: 973-486-6177

The Needle is a high end Acupuncture treatment office located on Northfield Road.  The Needle was founded by New York and New Jersey board certified Acupuncturist Adam Perna L.Ac. Adam and The Needle can show clients how the ancient art of Acupuncture can positively address many issues form the cosmetic concerns of fine lines, sagging skin, and fading complexion to physical ailments such as pain, digestive issues, fatigue, anxiety and depression. Adam is in constant contact with his brother Dr. David  J. Perna MD of The Spine Institute at Mount Sinai Beth Israel NY. The two brothers explore the effects of  east and west medicine's approach on treatment of diseases. Adam studied under teachers, professors and masters with backgrounds from Guangzhou College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing Traditional Chinese Medical College, Johns Hopkins University, and  Shanghai University of TCM  to name a few. Adam graduated with a masters degree from New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He chose NYCTCM because of its instructors and the schools strict adherence to the foundations of Chinese Medicine. Adam feels proud to be one of only a handful of non Asian students to graduate from this school and feels an obligation to his instructors to guard the practices of the Chinese foundations they passed to him. These foundations are the back bone of how we implement treatment at The Needle. We map out what organ systems are in disharmony in your body and then, just as important, pick what points to use in order to manipulate these systems. You get correct manipulation of the complex meridian systems that run throughout our bodies with needles and in some cases cupping and electric stimulation.

About us

"...I feel like a detective first when practicing acupuncture. I take the clues no matter how seemingly small that a person shows me and then I make a board in my head, like a crime scene, to connect the dots and find the bad guy."

Adam Perna L.Ac