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The Acupuncture Facelift...

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Acupuncture For the Body...

Acupuncture For the Mind...

or facial rejuvenation as it is

sometimes referred to is something we specialize in at The Needle. We assess what the root cause of your issue is. Aging is a no brainer, however there is also underlining factors that accelerate the fact of aging and our treatments can slow and stop this acceleration. Facial and neck muscle tissue can be strengthened to reduce sagging and more needles then in a typical acupuncture treatment are placed on the face to force a collagen response under wrinkles. Jade in the form of a roller or gua sha tool will smooth lymph. Intensity of the treatment is determined by a patient evaluation. Typically 10 treatments give the full result. One treatment every month even two months, depending on patient, can keep these results.

$220 per Treatment

is a large subject matter. At

The Needle we can tailor a treatment for most issues you may have. Acupuncturists know that often times we are the last line of defense for people with a problem. That is fine, however that usually means  the problem has lingered and taken root deeper in your body unfortunately. The good news is this is when Acupuncture shines. Looking at your body as a whole we map out what's causing your issue no matter how long or short you have had it and plan our attack. You may look in the "About Us" tab for more on how we practice. Here is a list of some issues we treat starting with enemy number one - Pain / gastrointestinal disorders / poor sleep / cough / headaches / sexual disorders / over or under weight/ eye ear nose and throat / nausea / nausea do to cancer... Sounds like we treat every thing because that is the main idea of Acupuncture. We look at your body as a whole.

$120 per Treatment

is an area that The Needle

truly loves Acupuncture's approach. Many times a person suffering with anxiety and depression will say things to a doctor like, "I feel I can not breath right, or I have this closing feeling in my throat or I get this rush out of no were that goes from my chest down my arms." "I don't know how to explain it,"  is normally the last thing said. The doctor says, "Oh, it is stress." Well yes it is stress, but 2,000 plus years ago stress was not a good enough answer and at The Needle it is still not good enough. Those "I can't explain it," type of issues are explained at The Needle. For example that feeling in your throat is called Plum Pit Qi and that rush in your body is Running Piglet Qi. Funny names yes, but the point is these types of problems are identified in Acupuncture and more importantly, treatments were developed. Also it is comforting to understand that every emotion one feels is connected to an organ system in Acupuncture. So if you feel anger, sadness, worry, or indecisive, what have you, the issue will be identified and dealt with. Joy is also linked to a system but we won't treat you because you are to happy don't worry.

$120 per Treatment




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